The Land of Promise


While waiting at the railway station in Katpadi near Vellore, one interesting train caught my attention , the train coming from Kerala going towards Assam.  It wasn’t a holiday season but the train was filled to the brim with locals from Assam and Bengal.

Was Kerala a land of promise for the migrant workers which constitute close to 3 million? And on the other hand,  is there another land of promise for the  2.24 million people from Kerala who work as migrant workers abroad.

We live in a world that is changing drastically.  People are willing to brave distances/cultures in search of a brighter tomorrow.

On the day of Pentecost recorded in the book of Acts 2, God highlights the church’s multicultural character. God affirms people as cultural beings. Our native language and culture is natural , necessary and welcome to us as the air we breathe. No wonder when someone receives a Scripture portion in their own language, they rejoice saying: “God speaks my language!”

But it was more than speaking a language they were familiar with,  the disciples empowered by the spirit spoke to their hearts.

Are we speaking the language that God wants us speak to our friends, colleagues and   neighbors?  We have an opportunity to share words of hope to the real Promised land.


Welcome To My Blog

This is my first attempt at writing blog a online.

I will post short updates, news, stories and other interesting experiences that I encounter.

My hope is that we can connect and share the love of Christ through this blog.

God Bless You.

In His Service,